Sales Tips


Sell to organizations like businesses, offices and churches. These customers can help build a base for your fundraising projects annually.

Consider using the flowers and plants to decorate for concerts and other events.  Parents appreciate the added value of being able to pass the items out after events to the customers. 

Keep track of customers, so that they can be contacted each year for repeat sales. When students graduate from a program, their customers can be passed on.

Collect your funds as you sell. This keeps everything organized and you will have confidence in your order totals.

Pass on the “Care Instructions” for the flowers and plants to your customers. This will show that you care, by trying to help the customers.

Order extra product for impulse buyers. You never know who might change their mind after actually seeing the products.


The colorful brochures can be sent via email or used in person. Having multiple, utilizable options to sell opens so many opportunities.

Look for advertising opportunities. Homeowners Association newsletters, church bulletins, etc. are great advertising resources. 

Fundraising with flowers = Succe$$